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For maximum transparency and productivity in the factory.

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We are building the digital ecosystem for all partners in the packaging industry to increase transparency and productivity..
  • The platform as enabler and mediator in a comprehensive industry network
  • openpack brings together corrugated board factories and their suppliers, software developers, machine engineers, service providers and partners
  • Our goal: exchanging data and communicating with each other
  • all participants of the industry are invited to join and participate
  • first openpack solutions are already available on the platform


Stop searching – start finding: Your digital copy your factory.


Asset Manager gives you the ability to capture current information such as your factory’s machine structures, operating manuals and shift reports in digital form and share it with your colleagues in real time. Additionally, the distribution of information is accelerated by communicating with machines via e-mail. With our intelligent search function you can find the required information quickly and easily with the help of text recognition.

The data stored in the Asset Manager is the foundation of the openpack product world.

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Deine Maschinen – live und transparent.


The Multi Machine Monitor gives you a live view into the production of assets created in the Asset Manager. Information on output quantity, energy data and downtimes guarantee you a quick overview of the status quo of your plant.

The collected data is also available in our history and enables extensive analyses of your production.

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Your One-Stop-Shop around the corrugated board.


On the Marketplace you can find everything from spare parts to office supplies that could previously be ordered in many different online stores or even only by phone. A common shopping cart for the entire product range and all suppliers – quick findability of the products you are looking for – soon information on the current status of your order – familiar functions from private shopping.

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The latest news from the world of the corrugated board.


Instead of a classic editorial team, an intelligent system is used, which compresses public industry news and press releases from various sources and displays them clearly on one page.

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For corrugated board factories

  • Take advantage of the versatility: one access gives you everything you need for your entire factory
  • Minimal technical effort – 1 interface, many solutions
  • Increased transparency and productivity: tailored solutions and services for all factory requirements
  • Work smarter: digital processes ensure speed, transparency and convenience
  • Support with digitization
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For Platform Partner

  • Access to the entire corrugated board industry and relevant factories
  • Minimal technical effort for development and market access
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Digital sales channel: ready to use
  • Simplified communication with the factories
  • Digital advertising and showrooms
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Marketplace Partner
Be part of it and profit from the new digital sales channel for the corrugated board industry – reach the factories quickly.
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App Supplier

Offer cross-platform software solutions for the corrugated board & packaging industry and benefit from the system independence.

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Service Offers

Whether machine data acquisition,, machine sales, personnel consulting or expert for corrugated board: Offer your services on openpack.

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Special edition “Wellpappenachrichten” November 2020
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CCE International
5. Internationale Fachmesse für die Wellpappen- und Faltschachtelindustrie
22. – 24. Juni 2021
Messe München

The CIPA GmbH develops with openpack a digital platform for the cardboard & packaging industry. In the platform we connect manufacturers, service providers and customers in a unique digital ecosystem and act as an innovative hub for the entire value chain. In addition to the digitalization and networking of industrial machinery (Industry 4.0 or IIoT), we are breaking new ground and optimizing industry processes (e.g. purchasing, sales, human resources) through digital solutions. To do this, we use the entire range of existing web and cloud technologies and also integrate other partners or platforms. Our goal is to make openpack participants more productive and employees’ lives easier.
The functionality of openpack is quite simple. Openpack functions as a “mall” for the industry, which means: one operator – all offers. In addition, we achieve maximum convenience through the short (digital) distances involved in “one-stop shopping”. Openpack creates common rules of the game for all participants, takes care of platform management and acts as a mediator and enabler, is your digital assistant and provides the standard applications. We help with the leap into digitalization, in a very concrete and individual way. Simply put: openpack works from the industry – for the industry.
You can immediately create a free openpack account and get to know our platform.

In the course of 2021 we will extend the platform with further applications and partners.

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